I'm located in Atascadero, CA which is on the amazing Central Coast of California.   My husband and I love to travel and have recently Begun exploring Europe. I enjoy capturing the scenery and I marvel at the history but I am most intrigued by the people.  Everyone no matter what language they speak has a story to tell. When my husband and I go to baseball games he always says that I'm there to watch a different game because I am more interested in the people around me than what's going on on the field.  Every person has a story and I love capturing that in my portraits.  

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I would love to hear from you  so we can get started on creating your treasured memories. 

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  • I was a baby model the first couple of years of my life, I even helped put my father through college at NYU.
  • We have an AirBnB room at our house and host people from all over the world.
  • We have a sweet Border Collie named Bonny and she's a certified Therapy Dog.  I take her to local colleges during finals week to help students de-stress.  We also spend time in local convalescent homes to visit the elderly.


Me and My Man

I've been married to my smart, funny and sweet husband Ray since September 1997.   We love to make each other laugh and we are always scoping out the next place in the world to explore.  Traveling overseas has opened our eyes to discover so many beautiful sights, food and people. 

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