Family Photo Session

Peek into a family photo session

a peek into a photo session

 I really love to laugh along with you during our time together.  I enjoy getting a shy child to smile but I don't force the issue.  You'll never hear me say "smile!".  I also take very seriously every moment spent photographing you and your loved ones.  These times are very special and will be preserved for years to come.  I consider it a great honor to capture these times but I also want to make the time itself a special memory. 

My husband usually accompanies me on my sessions.  He is a civil engineer and has a great sense of humor.  He has a lot of technical knowledge while I steer more towards the creative aspects of photography.  

We will schedule a time to get together around two weeks after our session where I will show you your photos and you will order your printed products.  The turnaround times for the products vary between two and four weeks.  I will keep you posted about when you can expect your prints and albums to arrive.

I've done the research to find the best quality products that I can be proud to deliver to my clients but there are those rare occasions when something just doesn't go right.  I will not be satisfied until you are completely happy with your prints so I will make every effort to make right if things go awry.